Friday, 26 April 2013

Verifying Frame Relay

Verifying Frame Relay


I will be verifying that my home network frame relay is correctly setup. To do this i will check the (HADES) and the (CHRONOS) routers. My other router is actualy being used in a live network at the moment.


This confirms that the PVC is active and also shows that DLCI 103 is inactive. DLCI 103 is inactive because the remote router is not up. FECN and BECN pkts is at 0 which means the circuit is not congested.

We can use show frame-relay lmi to verfiy what signaling standard is being used and in this case i've left it to default which is CISCO. You can see that the number status Enq. Sent and Num Stats msgs Rcvd are at the same level. Which means everything is good.

You can also check the serial interface for LMI traffic, encapsulation, as well as layer 3 and 2 information with the following command;

The following command is useful for quickly checking the circuit;

This just confirms what we have seen to so far.


What we are going to see here is going to be more or less the same as above. If there were a problem, these commands will be able to show you what is wrong, by comparing HADES with CHRONOS.

show frame-relay pvc

show frame-relay lmi

show int s0/0

show frame-relay map


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