Monday, 29 April 2013

Verifying STP

Verifying STP




I will be verfiying that my Layer 3 switch (APHRODITE) is my root switch. To do this I will use a series of show comamnds.


We can see from the output below that this switch is indeed the root switch. I have manually lowered the Priority ID from the default value. You can also tell that this is the root switch as all ports are forwarding. 

The output also informs us that 802.1w is running on this switch. I have only shown information for VLAN 1, however the output for all the VLANs will be the same as I have made this switch root for all VLANs.


The command show spanning-tree summary will give us some useful information. It will confirm that this switch is the root switch for VLAN 1, 2, 3, and 99.




From the output below we can see the root switch is available through FA0/9. We can also see the the priority has been left at its default value.





The output below shows that all but one of the ports are in blocking mode. This switch has its ports in blocking mode as its MAC address is higher than GAIA's MAC address, which is the tie breaker as the priority values are the same.  


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