Thursday, 9 May 2013

EIGRP Authentication

EIGRP Authentication


  • Configure interfaces
  • Configure EIGRP
  • Configure MD5 authentication
  • Verify configuration



Confgiure MD5 authentication


I will configure one key chain with two keys, this allows you to stop using a key after a period of time and start using the next one.



So i've setup one key chain 'keychain1' and two keys 'Hades' amd 'Gaia', which both expire at their set periods. The keychains between the routers do not need to match, but the two keys will have to match.

I've just noticed that the command has been cut off, so heres the full version.

Once you setup the authentication on the interface neighbor adjacency will be lost, until the other side has been configured;

If the time on your router is incorrect you can set it manualy with the following command;

However, in production network date and time should be managed by NTP.



You may see a number of DUAL messages while configuring the router.


Verifying configuration


If the authentication fails EIGRP neighbor adjacency will fail. You can check to make sure that authentcation has worked by checking the neighbors table.





If your authentcation fails check your config on the routers using show run or use the debug ip eigrp packets command.



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