Friday, 10 May 2013

OSPF Authentication

OSPF Authenticatoin


  • Configure interfaces
  • Configure OSPF
  • Configure MD5 authentication
  • Verfiy configuration




Configure MD5 authentication

I did this the wrong way round and configured R2 first instead of R1, so when i went to configure R2 i recived this message;

Which confused me unil i realised I configured R2 already instead of R1. This is why you will see the OSPF adjacency messages below in the wrong order.

I configured R2 which broke the adjacency, which was then reestablished once i configured R1to match the md5 key.


The MD5 key has been set to 'md5key'.



Verify configuration


The adjacency messages above give a good indiction that the authenticaion has worked. However you can use the following commands to check.


To verify the configuration you can view the interface;


You can also use the 'show ip ospf neighbor' command, if the authentication were to fail the two routers will not form an adjacency.




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