Sunday, 30 June 2013

EIGRP Configuration, Bandwidth, and Adjacencies

EIGRP Configuration, Bandwidth, and Adjacencies



  • Configure Loopback and IP addressing
  • Configure EIGRP
  • View EIGRP packets
  • Verfiy EIGRP


View EIGRP packets

I have configure the following on HADES (including the correct BW for s0/0), I have not yet configure EIGRP on GAIA or CHRONOS. I have done this so I can look at the EIGRP packets that are being sent. To view these packets use the 'debug eigrp packets' command.

Here you can see the EIGRP hello packets being sent and that they are being advertised every 5 seconds. You can also see that any updates recieved from Loopback1 are being ignored.

I did notice the lack of Hello being sent out of my s0/0. This was because I forgot to configured the serial interface on GAIA. First i checked which interfaces are advertiseing EIGRP;

That all looked good, so I issued sh ip int bri and found that the link was up/down. So I went on GAIA and configured the interface to solve that.

Now i'm going to configure EIGRP on the other two routers and then take another look at 'debug eigrp packets'.

I got carried away and added the wrong network, nothing that can't be solved with a no command;

So now when we look at the debug command we can see that HADES is receiving Hellos back from both GAIA and CHRONOS.

Verfiy EIGRP

With the above you can pretty much tell everything is working. But you can still use the following commands to check;


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