Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Home Network: Frame Relay, EIGRP, and general setup

Home Network: New router


  • Configure basic settings
  • Configure Frame Relay switch
  • Configure PVCs on router
  • Verify configuration


So it looks like my old router and my now 3550 switch will be in use until further notice. They are being used as a work around to avoid thier managed devices changes costs. Any changes to the configs will cost them a fair bit even simple static routes. Maybe i'll make a post about what has been done to thier network in another post.

Anyway, I ordered two replacement devices that now need configuring to replace my now in action devices. For the switch (3550) i've upload the old configuration over, but for the router (2650XM) i've configured from scratch.

Configure Frame Relay switch


Configure PVCs on router

After this was configuring I recieved my DUAL messages stateing neighbour relationships and to make sure I pinged the other routers. Also the commands in the next section show how you can verify everything is working correctly.

Verify configuration

The command show frame-relay map will so if the PVCs are active or not;


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