Friday, 28 June 2013

Home Network: Passed CCNA (ICND2)

Home Network: Passed CCNA (ICND2)

Well i've just passed my ICND2 making me CCNA qualified. I am now aiming for CCNP certificates so i'm going to need to change my network slightly.

I've changed my topology map over from Packet Tracer to GNS3, which makes it look nicer and gave me a refresher of all the commands needed.


While studying for the CCNP i'm planning on adding another router connecting to ZEUS Then connect both FastEthernet ports to another 2651 and use BGP as the routing protocol.

I may breakup the network into different AS's, create OSPF areas, and purchase some FastEthernet modules for my 2620XM routers. If I can change the labs to work with my current Frame Relay setup then great if not i'll have re-work my network completely. I'll probably run IPv6 over the entire network, which i was planning when i was studying for my ICND 2.

I've got a few lab manuals from being a Network Academy student, so i'm going to start with the BSCI labs first then make my way through Route, switch, and lastly troubleshoot.

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