Friday, 14 June 2013

Updateing Home Network

Updateing Home Network


  • Configure NTP
  • Configure MD5 authentication
  • Configure bandwidth and clock rate

After watching the free CCNA videos on I found that WIC-1T had a max speed of 2.048 Mbps.

I therefore had to re-configured my EIGRP bandwidth and DCE clock rate speeds to reflect the correct cable speed. I thought i'd might as well add MD5 authentication while I was at it, which involved connecting my routers to an NTP server.

Configure NTP server

The command ntp server will allow you to specifiy a hostname or an IP address of your selected NTP server. In this case I have used a public NTP server.

This is important when configuring my MD5 authentication, as it will look for times and dates for when keys start and expire.

Configure DCE on Frame Relay switch


Correct Router bandwidth


I also have to correct the bandwidth command so EIGRP can calculate its bandwidth metric correctly.

Configure MD5 authentication


I've pretty much done the same as the previous post here, minus changing the expiry and start dates. The configuration will be more or less the same on the other router.



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