Sunday, 16 June 2013

VICIDIAL; Create campaign, load leads, add a list, add users, checking hopper, and adding phones.

Create a campaign, load leads, add a list, add users, checking Hopper for leads, and add phones.


·         Log onto VICIdial, via the URL
·         Click on ‘Campaigns
·         Click Add ‘A New Campaign
·         Fill in the fields;
o    Campaign ID: This is the short name of the campaign, which cannot be edited after initial submission.
o    Campaign Name: Description of the campaign.
o    Active: If set to No, no one will be able to log into it.
o    Allow Closers: If set to Yes, this will allow an Agent of the campaign to send a call to a closer.
o    Minimum Hopper Level: The value set here is the minimum number of leads that the VICIdial hopper script will try to keep in the hopper table for a campaign.
o    Dial Method: This determines how dialling will take place (This option may only be available in the ‘Detailed View’, which is available after submitting.
o    Auto Dial Level: This set how many lines VICIdial will use per active agent. If set to ‘0’ auto dialling is turn off, and agents will have to click each number to dial.
o    Next Agent Call: This determines which available agent will receive the next call.
o    Local Call Time: Set this to the hours you would like to dial.
·         When you are happy with the settings click ‘Submit


Add a List


·         Click on ‘Lists’.
·         Click on ‘Add A New List’.
·         Fill in the fields;
o    List ID: This is the numerical name of the list, which is not editable after initial submission. It must contain only numbers. The number must be greater than 100.
o    List Name: This is the description of the list and should be between 2 and 20 characters in length.
o    Campaign: Here you can select which campaign the list should belong to. A list can only be dialled on a single campaign at one time.
o    Active: This defines whether the list is to be dialled on or not.
·         When you are happy with the settings click ‘Submit’.


Add Leads

·         To add leads to a list click ‘Lists’.
·         Then click ‘Load New Leads’.
·         Fill in the fields;
o    Load leads from this file: The maximum size an upload can be is 8MB. The following file formats are accepted; TXT-Plain Text, CSV – Comma Separated Values, and XLS – Excel file formats. To ensure you are uploading the data correctly please see ‘HOWTO Uploading Data’.
o    List ID Override: If you have an existing list the new leads can be added it.
o    Phone Code Override: Change to 44.
o    File layout to use: This should be set to ‘Custom layout’.
o    Custom template to use: When you select custom layout previously you will need to select the ‘SAMPLE_TEMPLATE – Sample Template’.
o    Lead Duplicate Check: It would be best to select ‘Check for duplicates by phone in list ID’.
o    The other two options can be ignored.
·         Click ‘Submit’. If the leads loaded properly, you will see a count of the number of leads imported in a green font at the bottom of the page.
·         You can view the newly upload list in ‘Lists’.


User Groups

·         Now that you have upload leads, you will need to create a VICIdial user group to put your agents into.
·         To do this click on ‘User Groups’.
·         Then ‘Add A New User Group’.
·         Fill in the fields;
o    Group: This is the short name of a VICIdial group. Do not use any spaces or punctuation.
o    Description: This describes the user group
·         Once you are happy click ‘Submit’.
·         Select your newly created user group.
·         Fill in the fields;
o    Allowed Campaigns: Selecting a campaign will allow a user to view and log into the campaign.
·         There are a number of other fields that can be configured, which should be configured differently for each group you create. For instance you would not want an Agent group viewing the same information as an Admin group.
·         Once you are happy with the settings click ‘Submit’.


Add Users

·         Now that you have created a group it’s now time to create some users.
·         Click ‘Users’.
·         Then ‘Add A New User’.
·         It may be best to create template account for Agents and Admin. This will allow you to easily copy a template when creating new users.
·         Fill in the fields
o    User Number: This will be the users ID number, which can be up to 8 digits in length.
o    Password: This can be set to a default password, which users can change later on.
o    Full Name:  Enter user’s name, often people use the same as the ‘User Number’, but it is entirely up to you.
o    User Level:  The higher the user level the more access the user will have. A user level of ‘1’ allows someone to login. This should be set to ‘2’ for someone to log in as a ‘closer’. A user level of ‘8’ will give a user admin access.
o    User Group: Select the user group you wish they user to be part of, for instance Agent or Admin group.
o    The other options can be ignored.
·         When you are happy with the settings click ‘Submit’.


Checking the Hopper for leads

·         Click ‘Campaigns’, and select the campaign you wish to check.
·         Towards the bottom of the screen it should say ‘This campaign has XX leads in the dial hopper’, alternatively you can click ‘Click here to see what leads are in the hopper right now’ just below this for a more detailed view.


Add Phones

·         The fastest way to add phones it by using the ‘Bulk Phone Insert Page’.
·         Click ‘Reports’ and then ‘Admin Utilities’.
·         Fill in the fields;
o    Servers:  Enter the IP address of the VICIdial web interface.
o    Phones: This is a list of the phone extensions that you want to create. The extensions can be both letters and numbers, but no special characters.
o    Registration Password: For security reasons you should randomly generate a password, no larger than 15 characters. This password is used to setup the softphone.
o    Login Password: This password is used by your users to log into the phone.
o    Create Alias Entries: NO
o    Client Protocol: Most of the time this should be ‘SIP’.
o    Local GMT: Change to ‘0.00’ for UK
o    Leave the other fields are they are.
·         Once you are happy click ‘Submit’.
Your agents should now be able to log in with their ‘Phone Login’ and ‘Phone Password’ and finally log in with their ‘User Login’ and ‘User Password’ and will be able to select a ‘Campaign’.


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