Sunday, 16 June 2013


Create VICIdial Scripts

·         Click ‘Scripts’ and then ‘Add A New Script’.
·         Fill in the fields;
o    Script ID: This is the short name of a VICIdial Script. This needs to be a unique identifier.
o    Script Name: This is the title of a VICIdial Script.
o    Active: Y’.
o    Admin User Group: This is the administrative user group for this record, this allows admin viewing of this record restricted by user group.
o    Script Text: This is where you place the content of a VICIdial Script. You can have customer information be auto-populated in this script. This can be configured later.
·         Once you are happy with these initial settings click ‘Submit’.
·         Now go to your newly created script.
·         From the Script modification page you have the ability to click on the "Preview Script" link to see what your script will look like in the agent screen with the dynamic fields filled in with sample data.
·         Use the insert function to select information from your data.
o    For example I have created the following;
Hello my name is --A--fullname--B-- . How are you today --A--last_name--B-- --A--first_name--B--?
My name is JOE AGENT . How are you today PUBLIC JOHN?

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