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VICIDIAL server install with IDRAC

Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 6 – Enterprise Install

 This guide is specific to the server that I had been asked to setup


  • For quick navigation you can press alt+(yellow letter).
  • Most information can be found on the DRAC interface.
  • If you cannot connect to the DRAC web interface try another browser.
  •  If the GUI glitches you will need to reboot the server
  • Randomly generated passwords should be limited to 15 characters.

 Step 1

  •  To start download the ViciBox server Preload ISO from
  • Log onto DRAC web interface (the IP address and login details should be provided to you).
  •  Click ‘Launch’ to download a file (viewer.jnlp file)
  • Open with ‘Javaws’ (Ok/accept any security boxes)
  • When the command box opens click ‘Launch Virtual Media’ and add the image (the viewer.jnpl file)
  • When prompted select ‘64-bit users will see ViciBox v.4.0 64-bit’.
  • At login type ‘root’ and use the password ‘vicidial
  •  Next type ‘os-install’
  •  Follow setup guide and amend options where required.
  • When it comes to the partition screen select ‘Create LVM Based Proposal
  • Navigate to ‘edit
  • On ‘Expert Partitioner’ navigate to ‘Volume Management’, then swap.
  •  Resize the size it set to 16 GB

  • Navigate to ‘root’ and set size to 4 GB

  •  Continue with install
  •  The next screen should be similar to the figure below;
  •  This install may require a reboot
  •  Un-mount image on reboot

 Step 2

  •  When prompted enter the hostname for the server (provided) and domain (
  •  At the ‘New User Local’ screen leave the details blank and continue.
  • You will be prompted for the username and password again, login as root.
  • You may need to reboot the server to restore the screen.

Step 3

  • Log back in as root
  •  Type ‘yast lan
  • Navigate to the network card
  •  Check the box ‘Statically assigned IP Address’.
  • Enter the IP address provided. If you have not been provided check the default gateway address and choose the next available IP address. 
  •  Enter the Subnet mask, usually or prefix /29, this can be checked on the DRAC web interface.

  • Navigate to ‘General’ then ‘Firewall Zone’ and change the zone to ‘Internal Zone
  •  Click ‘Next
  •  Check that the ‘Hostname/DNS’ settings are correct.
  • Enter the ‘Name Server’ information. This can be found on the web interface.
  •  Navigate to ‘Routing’ and enter the default gateway details.
  • Check to make sure that the correct information has been entered to the ‘Domain field
  •  Click ‘Next’ and make a quick ping to a public IP address to test internet connectivity.

Step 4

  •  Type ‘zypper refresh’ to refresh the online repositories.
  • Then type ‘zypper up’, which will begin the updating.
  •   When prompted to continue enter ‘y’.

Step 5

  • Type ‘vicibox-install
  • Enter the IP address you assigned earlier
  • When prompted follow the responses below;
o    Do you want to continue with the ViciBox install? [y/N]: Y
o    Do you want to use this IP address for ViciDial? [Y/n] : Y
o    Will this server be used as the Database? [y/N] : Y
§  Will this be a Slave Databse? [y/N] : N
·         Do you want to use the default ViciDial DB settings? [Y/n] : N
·         DB Username (cron) : <press enter>
·         DB Password (1234) : <insert randomly generated password>
·         DB Name (asterisk) : <press enter>
·         DB Custom Username (custom) :  <press enter>
·         DB Custom Password (custom1234) : <insert randomly generated password>
·         DB Port (3306) : <press enter>
·         DB Slave User (slave): <press enter>
·         DB Slave Pass (slave1234) : <insert randomly generated password>
·         Will this server be used as a Web server? [y/N] : Y
o    Install Redirect Page? [y/N]: Y
o    Install phpMyAdmin ? [y/N] : N
·         Will this server be used as a Telephony server? [y/N] : Y
·         Will this server be used as an Archive server? [y/N] : N
·         Do you want to disable the built-in firewall? [y/N] : N
  •  When prompted check that the settings matches up to the figure below. Except server specific information such as IP address.

  •  Do you want to continue the installation? [y/N] : Y
  • Reboot the server when prompted.
  •  Log onto the web interface of the IP
  •  Default user: 6666 and password: 1234
  •  Click ‘Continue on to the Initial Setup
  •  Change the default password to the server password convention
  •  Change the ‘Default Phone Login Password’ to ‘xxxx’.
  •  Update ‘Default Local GMT’ and Default Voicemail Zone’.
  •  Click ‘Submit

Step 6

  •   Enter the command as shown in the figure below;

  • To copy and paste these commands you will need to use putty.
  • Paste the following command ‘wget
  • Then run the command ‘rpm -U webmin-1.600-1.noarch.rpm
  •  Next change the default password from ‘vicidial’ to a randomly generated password.
  • Type ‘passwd’ and enter randomly generated password. Ensure the password is correct.

Sometimes the domain is not updated correctly; this will need to be addressed

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