Wednesday, 3 July 2013

EIGRP Authentication and Timers

EIGRP Authentication and Timers




  • Configure interfaces
  • Configure EIGRP
  • Configure Authentication Keys
  • Manipulating EIGRP Timers

Configure authentication keys

I'm going to set up the key chain and one key on each router. I think the key chain can be different aslong as the key-string matches on all routers.

Use the show key chain to view any key chains that are configured on the router;

Now all you have to do is apply the key chain to the interfaces. You can see adjaceny is re-established when you configure the key-chain to the interface. But when the authentication mode is enabled the neighbour adjacencies will drop.

To check if this has been succesfully implemented use the show ip eigrp interfaces detail command.

You can use debug eigrp packets to see the authenticated Hellos.

You will see messages like this if it has not been configured correctly;

Manipulating EIGRP timers 

The default of the hello interval is 5 seconds and the default hold time is three times the length of the hello interval. If you change the hello interval is does not automatically change the hold time. I will change the hello interval and hold time on the ETA to THETA link.

You can verify the configuration by looking at the interfaces for the hello interval and the neighbours for the hold time.


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