Friday, 11 October 2013

Home Network: Broadcast storm

Home Network: Broadcast storm


Well I wasnt going to make a post, but I redid by cables on my switches for better redundancy. When I booted up my devices I noticed that all of my switches except my new 3550 were flashing like crazy. This brought one thing to mind, a broadcast storm.

So this post is just the process that I did to correct the problem.


I couldnt SSH from my PC to the devices, so I issused a few pings to see confirm what was going on;

Checking devices

So I SSH'ed to the nearest device I could and SSH'ed from there to APHRODITE. I issused the show processes cpu command to confirm what I thought was happening;

Remove previous configurations

I went on each switch and removed the previous settings and reset them to default.Which included things like portfast and BPDU guard.

While this was going on I was getting flapping messages like these;

Verfiy changes

Hooray and no more flashing lights =) It was my own fault for forgetting about the previous settings, which was causing alot of havoc.

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