Wednesday, 6 November 2013

SAMBA: Using GPO to remotely publish/assign packages

SAMBA: Using GPO to remotely publish/assign packages

Create a distribution point

Create a shared folder where to place your MSI's.

Publish/Assign a package

By publishing a package, users can select it from the Add or Remove Programs list
By Assigning a package, the computer will install the software on boot.

  1. Click Group Policy Management under administrative tools.
  2. Second click Group Policy Objects
  3. Click new (You can link the GPO to an OU later)
  4. Depending if you want to Assign or Publish a package;
    1. Publish - User Configuration -> Policies -> Software Settings.
    2. Assign - Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Software Settings.
  5. Right-click Software installation, click New, and then click Package.
  6. In the Open dialog box, type the full UNC path of the shared installer.
  7. Click Open.
  8. Depending on which one you want either click Publish or Assign
  9. You should now see the package in the window.



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