Thursday, 12 June 2014

Cisco 300 Switch: Enable SNMP (GUI)

Enable SNMP

  • Click 'Security'
  • Then 'TCP/UDP Services'
  • Select 'SNMP Services' and click enable

Engine ID

  • Click 'SNMP'
  • Then 'Engine ID'
  • For 'Local Engine ID' click 'User Defined' and enter 64 HEX charactuers
  • Press 'Apply'


  • Click 'Groups'
  • Then 'Add...'
  • Enter a group name, SNMP version, and the secruity permissions that you wish to set;

  •  Press 'Apply'


  • Click 'Users'

  • Press 'Apply'

SNMP Recipients

  • Next depending on your SNMP version click 'Notification Recipients SNMPv3'
  • Click 'Add...'
  • Fill in as required;

  • Press 'Apply'

Save your settings.

You can then verify its working with your monitoring/mangement station;

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