Tuesday, 15 July 2014

ASA 5505: AnyConnect Split Tunnel VPN

From the ASDM configure the following;
  • Click 'Configuration'
  • 'VPN'
  • 'General'
  • Then 'Group Policy'
  • Select the policy which you want to enable local LAN access, then click edit.
  • Click the 'Client Configuration' tab
  • Untick the 'Inherit' box for 'Split Tunnel Policy' and select 'Tunnel Network List Below'
  • Untick the 'Inherit' box for 'Split Tunnel Network List' and click 'manage'
  • Next click 'Add' then 'Add ACL'
  • Enter a name for the ACL and press 'OK'
  • Now 'Add ACE'
  • Permit the IP subnet of your LAN
  • Press 'OK' twice
  • Make sure that for 'Split Tunnel Network List', that your ACL is selected
  • Press 'OK' and send commands to ASA

In CLI mode enter the following command;

Remember to save your configuration.


I've completed the following on my Andriod phone, to download the client navigate to https://youripaddress

  • Add your profile and click the slider

  • ASA using a self signed certificate, you can ignore this warning;

  •  Select your VPN group and enter your credentials;

  • Aslong as as your credentials are correct it should work;
  • Test the internet connection


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