Friday, 4 July 2014

Cisco ASA 5505: Configuring Netflow

To setup Netflow on the ASA complete the following, on the ASDM;

  1. Click 'Configuration'
  2. 'Device Management'
  3. 'Logging'
  4. 'Netflow'

Now click 'Add', and fill in the information. For instance, my manangement station is .56 on the inside interface and I will be using UDP port 9995

Now click 'Firewall' then 'Service Policy Rules'. This is where you configure what data is sent to the management station.

Create a new policy and apply it globally, then select which traffic you want to match.

 Finally select the 'Netflow' tab and add your collector/management station info;

You should now be able to capture the Netflow data on your monitoring tool;


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