Tuesday, 29 July 2014

VICIDIAL: Zoiper Guide

Phone Login

Your phone login is different on every PC. To find the phone login for the PC that you are using, open Zoiper and complete the following;

  • Click ‘Settings’ -> ‘Preferences'
  • This will show you your phone login, which is the ‘Username’, in this case ‘1050

Log into the dialler

  • Enter your ‘Phone Login’ ID which is found via Zoiper and the ‘Phone Password’;
  • Now enter your unique ‘User Login’, ‘User Password’, and select the ‘Campaign’ from the drop down box;
  • Once you click ‘SUBMIT’, your headset should ring and Zoiper will flash, click ‘Answer’ to finish logging into the dialler (If this does not occur you will not receive calls). If you hear nothing or Zoiper does not ring in your headset check the steps below;


Audio issues

  • Make sure your sound is not muted on your computer, either click the sound icon in the bottom right corner, or click ‘Start’ -> ‘Control Panel’ -> ‘Sound’. Un-tick anything that is mute.
  • Click the mute button on your headset, if it turns blue it means the headset is connected to the PC correctly (remember to unmute yourself when in a call)
  • Next on Zoiper click  ‘Settings’ -> ‘Preferences’ -> ‘Audio’ -> ‘Device
  • Ensure that the settings below match yours (sometimes it may say USB audio device, which is fine)
    • If you click the arrow and nothing appears, close Zoiper and re-open Zoiper and repeat the steps above
    • Disconnect and re-connect the headset (close Zoiper and re-open)

  • Ensure that ‘Automatic gain control’ is un-ticked, on Zoiper click ‘Settings’ -> ‘Preferences’ -> ‘Audio’ -> ‘General
  • Make sure that Zoiper has successfully registered with the server, you can check this in ‘Accounts’ -> ‘General’. If it says ‘Unregistered’, click ‘Register’
    • If it never registers, close down Zoiper and re-open
    • If it still fails to connect check your internet connection
    • Make sure that the ‘SIP account options’ are filled in
    • If it’s still not working reboot your PC

On-call audio issues

  • If you have having problems during a live call, you should check the previous steps in ‘Audio issues’. 
  • The microphone and headset volume controls can be adjusted on Zoiper, align the slider where needed.

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